A Year in Review

Our very first year as a business is coming to a close, and as we come into our final week of the year I want to say first how truly blessed we are to have grown as much as we have. We've got the most wonderful customers in the world, and it's because of y'all that we're still going strong!  To reminisce for a minute, let's watch this little spot from back when we were still a new shop:

Oh, the memories! To think, it's only six months later but so much has happened since then! On that note, we're so excited for what's in store for the new year, and we can't wait to begin introducing even more healthy, vibrant foods and juices into our beautiful city.

Keep an eye out for daily juice specials, raw foods, and weekly promos as we dive into 2015, and follow us on twitter @SouthernSqweezeFacebook , and Instagram for updates on everything that's going on. As always, we love it when our customers spread the word on all of our healthy products, so help share our story in whatever way you like. Again, we wouldn't still be here without our wonderful customers, so let's celebrate the new year together, and as always, keep drinkin' that juice!

Kelsey VasileffComment