The Ultimate Boot Camp Cleanse

Last week was the kickoff of our first Ultimate Boot Camp Cleanse, a program we put together to kickstart your health and get you up and running on a path towards a wholesome lifestyle. As you've probably heard us say before, we believe that nutrition and detoxification are at the core of healthy living, and for everyone who participated, including us, this was our most comprehensive program yet. Here's a list of what we offered, along with an in-house discount on a follow-up juice cleanse:

  • 9 hours of personalized classes with our certified coaches
  • 6 hours of yoga
  • 1.5 hours of guided mediation
  • 3 days of raw, vegan meals prepared in our shop at 1209 Tremont Street
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Body analysis
  • 1 hour full body massage

The Ultimate Boot Camp Cleanse was led by our very own Kelsey Vasileff, Ashley McAdoo, and Kat Smith, as well as Thrive Studio's Kyle House. Together, they had a great time both leading the exercises and participating alongside the clients. When asked about her thoughts on the program, Kat agreed that it was a resounding success:

The Ultimate Boot Camp Cleanse was designed to challenge the body and mind, and challenge both it did. From the beginning, Kelsey, Ashley, Kyle, and I committed that when not leading a boot camp session we would join our wonderful participants during each of their workouts. As a yogi, many of the spin, boxing, and circuit training workouts were out of my comfort zone. However, I ended up loving every one of them. If you missed this boot camp, do your body and mind good and join us next time!

Most of the exercises took place at Thrive Studio, as well as several other spots like Sunday's walking meditation session on the river.

Ashley and Kelsey have been exploring the cutting edge of raw vegan cooking, and some of the dishes they have come up with have been truly amazing. We're talkin' raw lasagna, cheesecake, even sushi!

The combination of raw foods, juicing, movement, and meditation is what cleansing is all about.
- Ashley McAdoo

As the name implies, the Ultimate Boot Camp Cleanse was no walk in the park. "We all stressed the importance of properly fueling the body and taking recovery whenever necessary as this weekend pushed people to their edge physically and mentally," said Kyle about the program as a whole. "Watching members of the Chattanooga community experience this personal growth is a sign that we are on the right path for a healthier and happier community." After all, that's what it's all about, and what we're constantly working for.

If you feel inspired to join our next boot camp cleanse, feel free to contact us. We promise you won't regret it. As always, keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for current specials and events going on at our shop and throughout Chattanooga.