Recap - Beauty Foods 101

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After teaming up with our good friends at The Chattery, our health coach Ashley McAdoo helped us finish out the month of January with our first ever Beauty Foods 101 seminar, held in our shop at 1210 Tremont Street.  For those who joined, Ashley put together a hands-on, educational workshop to teach everyone how the foods you eat (and don't eat) can help you reach your most beautiful self. 

Participants were given tips on digestive health, and how "healthy plumbing" relieves our body from overworking. That saved energy is then directed towards brightening your skin, nails, and hair, as well as maintaining a healthy weight.

Ashley's workshop focused on plant-based foods and the many ways they can help us stay beautiful. She shared several great recipes that participants could take home to begin using what they learned on their own, and everyone had fun with the hands-on beauty mask demo - everyone participated, even the men!

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I was sick and tired of writing big checks to beauty stores to buy products to make my skin look bright and healthy - but only after I applied their products. I think that letting our diet work for us is a wonderful and natural solution to look and feel our best.

- Ashley McAdoo

If you want to learn some great tips and recipes like the ones Ashley and the gang talked about in this workshop, keep an eye out for Southern Sqweeze's events and programs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After all, instead of just looking healthy, vibrant, and beautiful, wouldn't you rather simply be that healthy? Through our programs like Beauty Foods 101, Health Coaching, and cleansing, our health coaches and the rest of the staff at Southern Sqweeze can help you reach that level of personal health.