Dance with life

Hello lovelies!

  We finally got to kick off our shoes last night to celebrate a dear friend and fellow Wellness Warrior as she leaves our lives to start a new adventure and sit down at our one of our FAV Chattanooga hot spots - Alleia. Working together as friends can have it's challenges but we have found that having down time and giggling about the small things and maybe even a little wine is medicinal for all aspects of our relationship.

  Make sure to tend to all aspects of your life, friendships, work, play, nutrition, sleep, and your spirituality to truly have an abundant life." What if the word "work" was changed to "dance with life,"  and instead of it being viewed as an alternative to finishing or a way of "paying your dues" it was seen as a chance to meet a parade of new friends, discover your own untested potentials and unpolished gifts, and open avenues for abundance to come into your life?"

We love you - our wellness warriors - so much and we invite you to come "Dance with life" with us! 



Kelsey VasileffComment