Stay on your A-Game while on Vacay

Vacation is an essential element for those who believe in the maxim of “work hard play hard” and the Wellness Warriors LOVE to kick back and relax too. For a lot of our fair weathered friends, vacation however, becomes a tailspin of bad choices and over-indulgence. It does not have to be this way! Here are 5 easy tips to stay in tip top shape while having the best time!

1. Schedule your workouts-  plan a time to move for 45 minutes before your day really starts. For us, setting our alarm and getting up for a yoga practice or a walk helps us sweat, detox, and clear our minds. Seek out cool yoga studios, beautiful scenery to stroll and meditate, or maybe sign up for a new fitness craze that you have never tried. Vacation is meant for exploring outside your comfort zone!

2. Do your research- Search for local restaurants that support local farms! The fresher the food, the more nutrient dense (and tasty) it will be! We love the Happy Cow App to find local Vegan- Vegetarian options to eat plant-based!

3. Don’t over-indulge at every meal- We do say yes to relaxing (even your normal food choices) while RELAXING but you don’t have to feel heavy for your choices. Try to eat as alkaline as possible and incorporate lots of raw veggies into your meal. Eating a raw green salad before meals will go a long way in helping you to make better choices.

4. Don't drink your calories! BE WISE when you libate and hydrate- a margarita or a pina colada will drown your day with empty calories! We love to have a good time but make a wiser choice by choosing vodka with fresh lime and soda water. A favorite non-alcoholic choice of ours is kombucha! It is so tasty and makes your belly feel great!

5. Get active- Get adventurous while you are there! Try to move while you play! There are so many ways to relax and have a good time without gluing your booty to a sun chair! A lot of places offer hiking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, or just a stroll down the beach! Shake up the day by exploring your options while traveling!

Be Well and Travel AWESOME! We love you so much! XOXO A+K

Kelsey VasileffComment