Three Updates and One Big Thank You

Downtown's Tomorrow Building

Downtown's Tomorrow Building

Three Updates and One Big Thank You

Hi all! These are exciting times for us at Southern Sqweeze, so let’s get right to the news.

First, both our shops are moving to great new locations.

Southern Sqweeze North

Our North Chattanooga location is moving to the newly renovated Riverview Shopping Center, right on Hixson Pike. This new store will include an awesome outdoor patio, where you can get sunshine along with your Limeshine. (o;

Southern Sqweeze South

Our downtown Chattanooga location is moving to the Tomorrow Building. Built in 1888 and located on Georgia Ave, this piece of local history will be reborn as the first co-living residence in the Southside area. It’s being done beautifully and we can’t wait to get in! We believe nourishing the body is the first step in nourishing a community. That’s why both of these new sites will have more places to sit, chat, study, and juice in good company.

Expanded Menu

Along with the new scenery, we’re also making some changes to our menu. Don’t worry—your favorites aren’t going anywhere, but we’ve been hard at work on some delicious additions, from new food items and lattes to superfoods and superherbs. More on those soon! Any ideas for menu items you've always wanted? Send us an email and let us know!

(If words like superherbs sound foreign to you, you’ll be glad about this next part.)

Blogs and Me

Okay so I love blogs (Food Matters, One Green Planet, I could go on...), and I’ve got lots to say on the subject of healthy living. We’ve wanted to really get the Southern Sqweeze blog going for a while and we’ve finally done it!

From now on you can check back here for my own tips, tricks, and insights into healthy eating and living. This stuff is my passion, and I’m excited to share it with you week after week.

We feel VERY strongly about feeding yourself some of the best foods on the planet so you can have the best day ever. The items we serve are handpicked after several years of self study and research to do just that.

Juicing doesn’t mean you have to turn vegan or never eat your favorite foods again. But darnit isn't everyone entitled to feeling the effects of top-grade food and awesome nutrients, seeing how they can lift you up and change your mood? Our society today has access to the most healing foods on the planet, and we strive to offer you that same amazingness. Our goodies will energize you, increase your libido (you read that right), liberate that locked-up energy, and slow the aging process. In fact, stay tuned; we may even post a pic of my mom before and after she started working at the shop!

Juicing is such a game changer for people, I could go on about it all day. Instead I’ll get back to work and save more for the next blog!

Last and Most Importantly

All these happy Southern Sqweeze developments are only possible because of the amazing community that’s grown around us. We have the warmest, most curious, and sweetest customers in the world. Thanks to every single one of you!

More soon,

Kelsey Vasileff


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