Southern Sqweeze Exclusive: My Mom

Southern Sqweeze Exclusive: My Mom

Denise, or Deni, is a Southern Sqweeze expert for 3 very good reasons:

1. She’s a customer.

2. She works here.

3. She’s my mom.

For those reasons (mostly that last one) I decided to get her thoughts on our menu, our mission, and if Southern Sqweeze was even a good career choice. Here’s what she had to say.

Growing up, what were our food habits like?

Where we lived back then it was hard to get to the store, so we always ate out of the garden. You had to eat it or you’d go hungry! Then of course by the time you were in 2nd grade we had a Jack-LaLanne juicer, so there you go.

What did you think I’d do as a kid?

You were always outside, climbing trees—very in touch with nature. Even back then you were concerned about your food—where it came from, etc. You were a vegetarian at the age of 10, so we supported you and your sister in that. Even back then it made the whole family eat a bit healthier and more mindfully. You always wanted to be better—to do more. In any case I knew you were going to be some type of game changer.

What did you first think about the Southern Sqweeze idea?

You know I was all for it—especially when I started seeing you juice at your house and the huge response that you got even then.

What's changed for you because of the Sqweeze?

Everything from what I eat and how I eat to new herbs and supplements that improve every system in my body. I have more energy, better digestion and elimination (which is sooooo important because it really tells you what’s up), and even healthier skin. Not to mention my arthritis has just about disappeared.

What are your favorite products?

Smoothie: Southern Gentleman with E3 Live and ginger added.

Juice: Glorious Greens and Limeshine (they’re both so good I can’t decide).

Food: Kelp noodles (the crunch, the taste, and they are chock-full of iron).

Snack: Goji berries and goji energy bites (have you looked at the health benefits of goji berries!? They taste good and turn back time).

What advice would you give other folks your age?

It’s never too late to change habits—you just have to stay at it. I’ve only been doing this for 3 years, though it feels like Kelsey has been doing it half her life. I didn’t know I could feel this good or have this much energy. It was just an absolute game changer. Kelsey has always encouraged me to add in, add in. I find that helps because it doesn’t make you feel guilty for indulging. I eventually started feeling so good I just stopped wanting a lot of the stuff that I was used to.

What’s your favorite part about working at the Sqweeze?

The customers, feeling like I am making a difference, sharing what my daughter has shared with me, and continuing to create a ripple effect in our community. I love hearing about how it has changed people’s lives.

Anything to add?

I’m excited about all the changes, and I hope Kelsey lets me work here until I’m 100!

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