Cleanses: What, Why, How, and When

In general my advice for healthier living is to focus on adding rather than taking away. Don’t stress about removing chocolate from your life. Instead, enjoy adding good things in—greens and activity and water. It’s more fun and it will build better, longer-lasting habits.

Except on cleanse day, when you should take almost everything away. Let me explain. 

What Is a Juice Cleanse?

During a Southern Sqweeze cleanse, you remove everything from your diet except juices, almond or cashew milk, water, and decaf herbal teas. It’s intense, it’s challenging, and really there’s nothing more refreshing or invigorating.

Wow, Okay. Why Should I Cleanse?

In today’s environment, all our bodies build up obstructions to healing. We gather harmful chemicals from our air, water, and food. Over time it becomes much easier to get sick.

Hence juice cleanses. Cutting down to nutritious fluids for 24 hours or more removes those obstructions and gives your body a supercharge of nutrients. It gives your digestive system some well-deserved rest, and lets your urinary system and colon get rid of the baggage you’ve been carrying around.

At the same time, a cleanse boosts immune system, allowing your body to focus on taking in pure nutrients. Basically, it hits a reset button on your system.

What Are the Cons?

Typically the only downsides are feeling a bit sick during the cleanse, and going through a withdrawal if you’re really hooked on certain foods. Just prepare properly (see below) and listen to your body (not your cravings).

When Should I Cleanse?

You can choose your own length of time. Some stick with a day, while other go for three or five. I prefer one cleanse day per week. I find it keeps me in a routine that encourages good choices all week long.

What’s the Best Cleanse?

My favorites are the green juices. They’re just better and more efficient at cleansing the body.

How Do I Start?

First, click here to see your options. We offer three levels of intensity, and three cleanse lengths: 1 day, 3 days, 5 days. Pick your speed, order at least 48 hours in advance, and get ready to feel brand new! 

BONUS: Tips for Beginners

1. Start with level 1, and start with just a day. That’ll feel like plenty!

2. If you can, get together a few friends to do the cleanse with you. It’s amazing how much easier it makes that first day when you’ve got pals going through the same thing.

3. In the days before your cleanse, drink lots of water, go easy on animal products, and go to town on fruits and veggies.

4. During your cleanse, do some light exercise and get lots of sleep.

5. Last but not least, set an intention for your cleanse. Make the whole process about something. Make it personal. Let it matter. You’ll be glad you did!