Real Talk from Real Juicers

Juicing has changed my life, and I love talking to my customers (some now friends) about how juicing works for them! I thought I’d share a few stories with you. Have a look! 

Deborah Queen:

"While training for Iron-Man, Southern Sqweeze was instrumental in perfecting my nutrition daily. A watermelon splash was a great recovery after a hard workout! Southern Sqweeze is a daily part of my life!"

Angie Supan:

"Southern Sqweeze has changed the way I think about and consume vitamins, nutrients, and fruits and vegetables. I LOVE EVERYTHING, but I love how I feel after I drink or eat from the Southern Sqweeze menu. My new favorite, "zippy," adds a pep in my day, and I know it has kept me healthier during the cold and flu season. And everyone who works at Southern Sqweeze is so kind and so informative! Thank you for being in my neighborhood and for being open 7 days a week!"

Aaron Kincer: 

"A few months after Southern Sqweeze opened, my wife and I we started coming. Our lives have been impacted by Southern Sqweeze through the availability of delicious food, that is also the kind of food we seek to eat everyday. We want to have a high quality of life and that starts with our diet. Our extended family has a similar view of Southern Sqweeze when it comes to organic, whole foods that fuel our bodies. So, all in all, when it comes down to it, Southern Sqweeze is a convenient, delicious way to get good, healthy food on the go!"

You can guess how these stories make us feel. We’re all about motivating, hydrating, and nourishing you physically and mentally, and seeing it all happen makes us so happy.

Do you have a juicing story you’d like to tell? Comment below and we'll shoot you a juicy coupon!

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